1. HOA Cost-Saving Opportunities

As most homeowners associations struggle with tight budgets, the onset of the rainy season can bring cost-saving opportunities. The construction and painting companies that maintain your properties tend to be less busy in winter and spring than in the summer and fall.

How does this benefit you? Many contractors will have better availability and in an effort to maintain a steady cash flow and keep employees busy even offer better pricing. Trades such as painting and roofing, where rain directly impacts scheduling, find the busiest months are not necessarily the driest ones. They are often those leading up to the winter as managers and owners are trying to complete projects by year’s end.

  1. Projects Suited for the Off-Season

Rainy months are a great time to schedule those small projects that are nearly impossible to get a quote on during September or October.  Call the same contractors in December/January and they’ll do whatever they can to get you a competitive quote. Winter is the perfect opportunity to schedule trim-only jobs, newly installed gutters, and downspouts, new flashing (after a roofing project), or new fences

Common areas such as pool house exteriors and interiors, pool fencing, perimeter walls, curbs, light standards, entry gates, mail kiosks, mailboxes, and street signs can easily be painted while avoiding intermittent showers.  Plus, it’s a great time to paint all wrought iron surfaces since metal does not absorb water like wood surfaces.

Working with homeowners during the rainy season can be a challenge due to delays and rescheduling. Tackling these common areas can be done with little to no homeowner involvement.

  1. Spring-Time Maintenance

Even if you are not up for painting during Winter months, it is a great time to prepare the property and handle any preliminary organization needed for the larger spring or summer painting.

Walking the job with your chosen contractor in the winter will provide time for all the pre-paint repairs to be completed such as dry rot, stucco repair, caulking, vine removal, and wrought iron repairs. Performing this work in the wet season in no negative effect on the quality of work and, in fact, may be of benefit as the contractor is free to concentrate solely on this critical component of the total project.

Also, plans can be made to map out the painting “routes” and schedules allowing better service to residents concerned with their personal schedules.

Color schemes can be chosen well in advance allowing time for sampling and color approvals. Any changes or concerns can be worked out well before the project us underway.

However you choose to handle your upcoming painting needs whether it is completing some projects or simply planning ahead, HOAs, boards, and members alike will all benefit by both the ongoing maintenance and pro-active planning of your painting project.

If you are concerned about navigating exterior painting or repairs during the rainy season, feel free to contact Pacific Western Painting, San Diego’s expert in commercial, HOA, and residential painting.  Our job is to take away all stress and headache from your project.


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