The answer is yes. Depending of course on the degree of damage or wear which it has undergone, stucco can usually be repaired and repainted to look like new.

However, this job should not be given to just any painting contractor: it requires skill, knowledge, and the right products to ensure the job is done right. A good painting company will take necessary measures to ensure that surfaces are adequately prepared and that the repaired stucco has lasting effect and matches the exact style and texture of the original stucco, blending the new stucco seamlessly.

What causes stucco damage?

There are a wide variety of factors which can lead to damaged stucco. Listed below are a few of the common causes of damaged stucco in San Diego.

  • Water Damage – While San Diego is no rain forest, water damage can come from a myriad of sources (pluming leaks, faulty roofs, lawn sprinklers, etc.) and wreaks havoc on stucco surfaces.
  • Earthquakes – Here in the San Diego County area earthquakes can cause structures to shift, leading to cracking in masonry walls.
  • Accidents – Whether it’s damage from a car crash, nearby work projects, scrapes from a weed-eater, or just everyday wear and tear, accidents can happen which damage stucco and make a repair job necessary.
  • Vandalism – Both unpredictable and fast, vandalism is hard to avoid and can destroy the aesthetic of a commercial or industrial building.

Stucco Repair Contractor in San DiegoLa Costa Resort - Overhead Image 11

As a third-generation painting company with years of experience and expertise in the field, Pacific Western is well equipped to handle any stucco repair and painting in San Diego. The award winning luxury hotel and spa wellness center, La Costa Resort and Spa, was in need of stucco repair and so they turned to Pacific Western. The job required pressure washing, priming, stucco patching, and finally two coats of premium paint. Pacific Western restored their facilities to prime condition, protecting materials from further damage and restoring a fresh, new look to the buildings.

If you are looking for a commercial painting contractor, contact us now for a free estimate and we would be glad to help you.

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