FAQ – HOA Painting

Most Frequently Asked Questions From HOA Boards

Do you use subcontractors?HOA Painting FAQ

It’s not our policy, nor do we experience a need for painting sub-contractors. We may bring in a specialist like a welding contractor to repair a fence. If so, you’ll be notified and they’re covered under our workman’s compensation and general liabilities insurance.

How long do you expect our project to take?

The estimated painting project time frame for your community can be found in your proposal from PacWest. Our Team is committed to your timely project completion date and we stay in constant communication with project progress and updates.

How many painters will be on-site?

This depends on the size of the project, the scope of work and what phase of the project we are in. The average number of painters on an HOA project is 5-8. This is monitored to keep your project on schedule with the least amount of homeowner disruption.

How long have you been in business?

We are a third-generation painting family and opened PacWest in 2002. We have successfully completed over 1000 projects in the San Diego area, as well as projects in Nevada and Arizona, and focus primarily on our expertise with larger HOA’s and other commercial projects.

Do you have an on-site Foreman and Project Manager (PM)?

PacWest does have an on-site Foreman and a dedicated Project Manager. The PM is your primary point of contact and has over 25 years of industry experience.

Do you do change orders and how are they handled?

We place a big emphasis, and invest extra time, to provide you with an accurate proposal, to avoid surprises. It is common for change orders to be initiated by the HOA. If requested, we communicate with you immediately to make adjustments.

Where will you store your painting materials?

For security, and to avoid any unnecessary clutter or inconvenience to your homeowners, we store our paints and materials in a secure storage container, which can be placed discretely on your property in accordance with your wishes.

What is your plan for restroom facilities for your crew?

Some HOA communities prefer we use their clubhouse facilities and others prefer we have a porta-potty on the job site. The choice is yours and if used we will work with you to place the port-a-potty where it will cause the least amount of disruption.

What warranty will you be offering? Labor and Materials?

Our warranty will cover the labor, which is in addition to the warranty offered by the paint product supplier for the paint. Make sure to ask us about our unique (and the Industry’s only) HOA guarantee to take the risk out of your decision.

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