Bucket Board LogoNew York artist Mac Premo partnered with Encinitas-based skateboard company Sanford Shapes to create the world’s first repurposed skateboards. These skateboards are made specifically from 5 gallon plastic paint buckets found in landfills and/or donated by environmentally conscious companies who commonly dispose of these buckets.  What are they called? The Bucket Board of course.

PacWest Painting has donated over a hundred 5 gallon paint buckets. They intend to continue doing so because they love the concept and are proud to support fellow San Diego companies that are making efforts to have a positive environmental impact on the community.

“We got involved because these paint buckets end up in landfills and the idea of repurposing them was a definite Win-Win. PacWest is both honored and rewarded when we donate because it’s a good cause and it helps the community.”
— Kirby Hady

For more information or to donate yourself, please visit The Bucket Board website:

Bucket Board Skateboard (bottom view)

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