Safety Precautions in Commercial Painting

Unfortunately, many commercial painting companies do not make safety the priority it should be. Without proper training, equipment, and standards, both employees and the surrounding community are put at risk. Unnecessarily dangerous working conditions, hazardous materials, and under-trained workers have led to many accidents which could have been avoided if precautions were taken.

Professional Training for Workers

Any reputable painting company will provide the necessary training in safety standards for its employees. A skilled and well-trained crew will be able to handle difficult situations and materials with the appropriate safeguards.

High Rise Painting

High rise painting (or high work) is a common concern when considering the potential dangers involved in commercial painting. However, high rise painting does not need to be a dangerous job. With the right equipment and procedures, these difficult tasks can be accomplished safely and excellently.

Protecting the Surrounding Area

Another element in maintaining a safe environment for a commercial painting project is protecting the surrounding area and community. Paint spills, careless application or improper disposal of paints and other materials can be damaging to the environment and potential hazards to the community. A painting contractor should always handle paint application with care and follow the necessary procedural standards for disposal of unused paint products.

Using Proper Equipment

Using appropriate equipment for industrial and commercial painting is essential for the safety of employees and neighboring community. Protective clothing, eye-protection, and breathing protection are just a few of the common precautions which should be taken by every painting company. Spray shops and abrasive blasting require a unique set of protective gear which can provide protection for workers who perform these otherwise hazardous tasks.

Keeping a clean workspace

And finally, to avoid slips, falls, and potential fire hazards, the workspace should be orderly and kept clear of excess debris. A clean, well-managed worksite means a smaller chance of injury and fewer spills.

Pacific Western is a commercial painting contractor that makes safety one of its primary goals. With exceptional equipment, protective gear, and highly trained professional crews, we minimize risk while providing excellent and lasting results. Contact us for a FREE estimate. We would be glad to serve you.

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