Sometimes people associate color consultations with single-family residential painting, and it’s true that this is one of the most common situations where color consultations are done. However, it would be a mistake to think that color consultations are not done in commercial painting. When it is time to paint your HOA, apartment complex, condo or office building, Pacific Western would be happy to provide you with a color consultation.



Benefits of Color Consultations for Commercial Projects

It goes without saying that commercial painting projects are a large-scale endeavor. When you are investing that amount time and resources in new paint coatings, you want to be sure that the colors you choose will be pleasing to your staff and clients.

During an exterior painting project for multi-unit housing or an HOA, it is important that the colors you choose are not outdated or uncoordinated. We can help you choose the best colors for your milieu, finding color combinations that work on your facility itself, and which will also coordinate with the neighboring buildings. Our color coordinating experts can also help you ensure that your colors look modern and stylish.

When painting the interior of an apartment or condo, a color consultation can help you choose the colors that will appeal to the broadest range of occupants. We know how colors will work together to create an elegant, stylish effect that will compliment the interior space we are working in. Trust the color experts when it comes to choosing colors!

Whether you are trying to create a good first impression with your exterior painting, or create a cozy and welcoming living space with interior painting, a professional color consultation will help you achieve your goals.

Commercial Color Consultation in Oceanside, CA

One of our commercial color consultation projects took place when we painted the Sea Breeze Condominiums in Oceanside, CA. This exterior painting project included power washing, stucco patching, rust remediation and exterior painting. However, before we could begin this process, we worked with the property manager and provided a color consultation. This process resulted in a stylish, beautiful exterior paint job.

For more information regarding what is included in a professional color consultation, read more here.

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