A good property manager asks a lot of questions to make sure he or she is getting the best services without paying extra costs. This characteristic may lead some property managers to question the value of primer in commercial painting. So, if you have an HOA, an apartment building, a hotel or a school that needs painting, should you pay for priming?


Priming is an essential step to achieve good results in commercial painting. While it adds a bit more to the initial price tag of the paint job, the primer coat will save you headaches and costs over the long-term. How is this?

Benefits of Priming in Commercial and Industrial Painting

  • Seals the substrate (the material under the paint) to protect it
  • Bonds thoroughly to the substrate, providing a surface that the finish coats of paint can adhere to
  • Ensures a more uniform finish, reducing any variation of color or texture in the finish coat
  • Extends the life of paint, so that your commercial facility or HOA can go longer in between paint applications

Our commercial painting procedure always involves cleaning the exterior surface that will be painted. This removes dirt, mildew, failed paint and other surface pollutants. If any wood or stucco repair is needed, this is the next step. If the commercial facility needs primer, that will be the next step. Bare surfaces (wood, stucco, concrete, block, metal, etc.) should always be primed. Also, if you are making a significant color change, primer will help with this.

Sometimes, when painting an HOA or a commercial building, we realize that primer is not necessary for every surface. In this case, it can be applied solely to the areas that need it, such as repaired spots, heavily-weathered areas, and so on.

After priming, our commercial painting crews generally use spray techniques to apply a premium coat of paint to your exterior surfaces. And now, behold!, your building looks better than ever!

If you have any questions about painting an HOA, a condo, a retail store or any other commercial painting application, we would be delighted to speak with you. Give us a call or contact us online, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you out!

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