Shopping malls present a complex set of parameters for commercial painting. With hundreds of customers per day and dozens of separate businesses to coordinate, this kind of painting project could easily turn into a massive headache. However, with the right painting company, painting a shopping mall can be a smooth, pleasant prospect.

What Does It Take to Paint a Shopping Mall

For a commercial painter, a shopping mall presents unique challenges. However, Pacific Western Painting Company has the experience, infrastructure and procedures in place to make it go smoothly. There are several important considerations to keep in mind when painting a shopping mall.

Communication & Coordination: The logistics of painting a mall require effective, proactive communication to keep everyone on the same page. Pacific Western has the necessary systems in place to keep various businesses apprised of the painting schedule. We can help make sure that disruptions to various businesses stay at a minimum.

Demanding Schedules: Commercial painting often requires painting during off-hours in order to reduce the effect on operations during normal business hours.

Lifts and Aerial Painting: Shopping malls often involve unique architectural features that require special equipment. Pacific Western has the equipment and training to handle a wide range of aerial painting and other demanding painting procedures.

Safety: When painting a mall, safety is a serious requirement. Client safety is paramount, of course, but we also value the safety of your employees and of our painters. We ensure that all of our commercial painters are thoroughly trained in best safety practices. We also make sure that all of our safety equipment is kept in good repair. In addition, we always insist that our crews keep a tidy work area.

Eco-friendly Paints: For the sake of the environment, for indoor air quality, and for reduced paint odor, Pacific Western is happy to offer low-voc and zero-voc paint options.

Mall Painting in San Diego

One example of Pacific Western’s commercial painting services for a shopping mall is the Loma Square retail center. In this case, our services focused on exterior painting, including surface preparation, stucco repair, priming and paint application.

Call Pacific Western Painting for commercial painting services in San Diego County.

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