When you consider the how many of the waking hours of your life are spent in the office, it becomes clear that it is worth the investment to make it a pleasant place. With a little bit of creative design and color choices, your offices and meeting rooms can become more engaging spaces for synergy and productivity.

As a commercial painting contractor, Pacific Western Painting has extensive experience in transforming all kinds of spaces. We love the process of finding out what is most important to our clients, and then helping to craft a space that enhances their business. Office painting is one of our specialties!

Tips for Office Painting in San Diego County

The following ideas can help you plan a redecorating project in ways that will make dramatic differences without a dramatic cost!

  1. Look up! The ceiling can be one of the plainest, most impersonal, anti-homey spaces in your office. If you have ceiling tiles, there might not be much you can do about it. However, if you have drywall or plaster ceilings, you may want to consider painting them. Painting the ceiling of your board room, office, lobby or meeting room may add just the visual interest you’ve been looking for. A good choice is to paint the ceiling a lighter version of the main wall color.
  2. Put on an accent! Choose a smaller wall in your office to paint a bold color. This adds visual interest to a room without overwhelming the space. It can be trendy or sedate, depending on the impression you want to create. Just choose a color that coordinates well with your main wall colors and other decor.
  3. Don’t be neutral! Ok, so we’re not advising you to go crazy… we understand that neutral colors are popular because they are inoffensive to the majority of clients. However, neutral doesn’t have to be blah! Look for tones that offer something a little richer or more vibrant, rather than dull, institutional off-whites.
  4. Go back to the drawing board! Have you ever seen a whiteboard wall? This is a great way to promote creativity, brainstorming, positive community and office culture. Whether it’s a conference room, a lunch room or a personal office, a whiteboard wall gives you endless ability to organize ideas and express creativity.
  5. Use moldings! Similar to the way pinstripes can add a classy look to a plain car, your trim and moldings can go a long way towards enhancing your office. You can add chair rail, crown moldings or wooden baseboards and then paint them in a way that contrasts pleasantly with your walls. Even your existing door and window trim can be repainted to great effect!

Don’t let your workplace be a drag on morale and productivity. Infuse new life and energy into your office with some simple paint improvements!

Pacific Western Painting is a commercial painting contractor serving San Diego County. We provide a full range of painting services for offices, schools, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, apartments, condos, HOA’s, hospitals, libraries and much more! We offer professional color consultations, and our clients agree, our customer service can’t be beat!

Call us today for a commercial painting estimate for your office!

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