There’s nothing like the squeak of new basketball shoes against the gleaming surface of a gym floor, the way the lights blaze back in reflected brilliance from its smooth glaze, the way a volleyball player glides across the polished wood when diving for a ball. A gym floor, be it in a high school, college, recreational center or elementary school, is an integral part of American culture. That’s why gym floor refinishing is an important service that PacWest Painting is proud to offer.

Refinishing a gym floor or other type or sports court involves a number of careful considerations and steps to make sure the job gets done right. Of course, the scope of the refinishing project depends greatly on the condition of the gym floor. If it is in relatively good shape, the gym floor might only need polishing or a new coat of protective finish. However, if the current coatings are chipped or flaking, or if the wood itself has suffered deterioration or damage, more work will be necessary.

Possible Aspects of Gym Floor Refinishing

Removal of previous coatings: In the case of a damaged floor or failed coating, it is sometimes necessary to remove the previous finish from a gym floor. This can be done by chemical stripping or by sanding, depending on the specific conditions of the project.

Sanding or repairing wood floor: For the safety of all players, it is vital that a gym floor be smooth, with no raised edges or splinters, not uneveness or gaps. Any irregularities must be sanded out or repaired by experts to restore a uniform surface.

Line painting: Accuracy is the name of the game when it comes to painting the floor marking for sport courts and gyms. We know you need that three-point line exactly the right distance, and the service area clearly defined. Gym floor painting and line marking add to the aesthetic and the practicality of any sporting area.

Logo painting: Your school logo is your rallying point, the focus of your unity and identity, a source of team pride and spirit. If nothing else goes well when your gym floor is painted or refinished, make sure your logo turns out right! (Of course, with Pacific Western Painting, you can be assured that every detail will turn out spectacularly!.

Protecting with a clear topcoat: Like encasing artwork behind glass, putting a proper topcoat on your gym floor will protect the wood and paint against heavy usage, making it resistant to dirt and wear, and easy to clean. Pacific Western has the product knowledge, equipment and skill to make sure your clearcoat enhances and protects the beauty of your gym floor.

Gym Floor Refinishing for San Diego Schools and Rec Centers

As a commercial painting contractor, Pacific Western offers gym painting and wood floor refinishing for all kinds of schools, including elementary, high school and university gyms. We also paint fitness centers and refinish other kinds of sport courts. If you have any questions about gym floor refinishing, please contact Pacific Western Painting. We service San Diego County, including San Marcos, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Escondido, El Cajon, La Jolla and more.

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