Finding a Good HOA Painting Contractor:

Finding a good HOA painting contractor can be a daunting task. Behind every offered price is a multitude of factors; careful consideration should be given to the quality of services offered before a decision is made. Here are a few possible questions to include in looking for the right painting company for your job:

  1. Are all problems being addressed? Good painting contractors will identify all potential issues with a property (dry rot, cracking stucco, peeling paint, etc.) and know the best products and solutions to remedy the damaged areas.
  2. Does the estimate include all the discussed services necessary for your project? It is important to verify that no services have been added or overlooked when comparing prices. Insist on itemized estimates for the most accurate comparisons.
  3. Are employees trustworthy? Be sure that the painting contractor you chose has run background checks on all employees and that they are trained professionals.
  4. Are the materials being used high quality? A good HOA painting contractor will discuss various options for products and help guide you to the right choice for your project.

What Facilities Do HOA Painting Jobs Include?

Pacific Western has served numerous HOAs in a variety of settings. We are proud to offer professional painting and repair services for all of the following:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Multi-unit housing
  • Town Homes
  • Retirement Communities
  • Sports Clubs
  • Homeowner Associations

HOA Painting in Bankers Hill, San DiegoHOA Painting Contractor

One of the many HOAs that has turned to Pacific Western for painting and upkeep services is the Park West Association located in Banker’s Hill, San Diego. From the color consultation, to design referral, to high-rise priming and painting of exterior walls, doors, and metals, Pacific Western was able to take on every challenge and deliver stunning results with minimal disruption and hassle.

With a long history of adding value and beauty to HOA properties in San Diego County, Pacific Western is well experienced and fully equipped to handle the unique needs of a homeowner’s association. With clear, professional communication, a tidy work site, and a flexible schedule, we can take the hassle out of upkeep and repair. Contact us for a FREE HOA estimate today.

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