With such a wide array of available painting companies, many business owners often wonder “How can I find the right commercial painting contractor?” Here are some pointers on locating a truly excellent commercial painting contractor.

An exceptional commercial painting company must meet the following criterion:

  1. They must have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to be able to adapt to every particular work site and setting, even those that present challenging obstacles.
  2. They need to be able to communicate all details clearly with the client and come through on each agreement, meeting all deadlines.
  3. They must respect the client’s space, taking care to protect the property, minimize interruptions to the flow of business, and clean up all work areas thoroughly upon completion of the project.
  4. They must have a positive and time-proven history of referrals and testimonials.

The Commercial Painting Contractor for the Job – Solana Beach, San DiegoCommercial_Painting_Contractor_San_Diego

When the beautiful Surfsong condos in Solana Beach needed painting, choosing the right painting contractor for the job proved a difficult process. This lovely property overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is located on the edge of a set of cliffs above the sea. While this setting offers a stunning view, it posed a challenge for potential painters. However, Pacific Western was trusted with this job:

“The preparation, painting and protection required to do this particular paint job was much more difficult than a typical paint job. I was very concerned about prepping, priming and painting this metal right on the cliffs of the ocean so I spoke to numerous painting companies and after all the bids were received and interviews were done your company was given the job and it was the right choice for JWC and our client Surfsong HOA.” – Curtis McBride (President of JWC)

With a skilled, knowledgeable crew and professional equipment, Pacific Western was able to carry out all necessary preparations, priming, and painting safely and to the satisfaction of the client.

Commercial Painting Contractor in San Diego County

Pacific Western is a third generation commercial painting contractor with a long history of meeting and surpassing our clients’ expectations. If you have a commercial project, contact us with questions or schedule a FREE estimate today.

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