Every place you could live is bound to have characteristics that you see as advantages, while there will also be some drawbacks. Here in the San Diego area, there are many wonderful aspects of life that make it a fantastic place to live. As a painting company, we also have to say that San Diego is an excellent place to do commercial painting. Here are the few of the reasons we think so:




What’s best about Commercial Painting in San Diego

#1 – The people are amazing! OK, so that was shameless flattery… but we still think it’s true!

#2 – The weather is amazing! There is no time of year here in San Diego when exterior commercial painting is out of season. Though we deal with occasional rain delays, that is rare, and we never have to rush to squeeze in a project before winter.

#3 – Stucco is a great siding! A huge proportion of homes and businesses here in San Diego County have stucco siding, which is a great option for commercial projects. It holds up to the weather with great endurance, it can be pressure washed to renew its shine, and it is a natural-looking surface for exteriors in Southern California. When it comes to painting HOA’s, condos or apartments, stucco is an excellent material to be working with.

#4 – A consistent climate makes color selection easier! In areas where the climate varies greatly, it often happens that colors look just right in some seasons, but look out of place or dreary in another. Not in San Diego, however! If you love your colors one day, you’re probably going to love your colors 364.5 days per year (unless your tastes change, but that’s not San Diego’s fault!).

#5 – Most dwellings don’t go higher than two stories. While we are perfectly able and equipped to paint as tall as necessary, it does simplify life for a commercial painting company when most of our clients have one or two-story structures. When we paint apartments, condos, HOA’s, retirement communities and other kinds of multi-unit housing here in the San Diego region, we don’t often need our super-high-reach equipment. This means fewer complications and greater efficiency, so your painting project is finished in no time!

Have we convinced you? When you are planning a commercial painting project in the San Diego region, consider Pacific Western. From schools to hospitals, from restaurants to corporate offices, we have the skills and infrastructure to make sure your painting project is a pleasant process, and that it leaves you with very satisfying results! We are happy to serve San Marcos, Escondido, Oceanside and all of San Diego County.

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