When your HOA provides a special-access walkway directly to the beach, you know you’ve reached the pinnacle of resort-style living! That is exactly what the Windward HOA of Oceanside, CA offers their Condo owners, in addition to many other enviable amenities. At Pacific Western, we have had the privilege of painting many exclusive Condos and Homeowners’ Associations, but it is clear that the Windward HOA stands out among them!

With ocean views, securely-gated entrances, beautiful landscaping, a spa, a recreational area and more, the Windward Condo community is a fabulous place to live. We enjoyed contributing to its attractive atmosphere when we did exterior painting for the HOA not long ago.

Painting a Condo HOA in Oceanside

As you can see in the photos, the Windward Condos are taller than an average townhome, so we needed to use our lifts to reach the third and fourth story.

Painting a Town House in Oceanside CA

On a commercial painting project like this one, we typically use spray painting methods to achieve an even, attractive finish in an efficient manner. Of course, before we begin spraying, we use tape, paper and plastic to protect the non-painted surfaces from overspray. You can see some of these protective measures in the photo above.

When we paint HOA‘s this close to the ocean, it is very important to use quality materials that will be resilient against the elements. Salty mists, heavy winds, occasional rain, pollutants in the air, and of course, plenty of sunshine, all conspire to break down the protective coatings on your home. At Pacific Western, we take care to use top-notch paints that will resist ageing for longer, and we make sure that they are applied using the best industry standards.

In every painting project, safety is always our primary goal. We provide regular training for all of our commercial painters so that everyone is kept safe. On this HOA painting project, we made sure that all of our employees followed best practices, protecting the residents and their property from any risk.

Besides Condos and HOA’s, Pacific Western provides commercial painting services for hotels, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, restaurants, retail stores, corporate offices and more! We love serving the Oceanside community, and we also serve San Marcos, La Jolla, Escondido and all of San Diego County.

Pacific Western paints an HOA in San Diego County

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