There is probably a case to be made that Condo Painting is a little like putting on makeup; thankfully, however, it doesn’t have to be done every day! First, we start with good exfoliating scrub, then we carefully spot treat any blemishes, and finally we apply a beautifying top layer. And with that gentle makeover completed, the Cambridge Terrace Condos were ready to face the world again!

So what exactly does this spa treatment involve? Here at Pacific Western Painting, we have long experience painting San Diego condo units and HOA’s. We follow a careful process to ensure the condos are ready for their closeups!

Here is what the painting procedure looked like when we painted the Cambridge Terrace Condos, near University City and La Jolla, here in the San Diego area.

Condo Painting Process

Power Wash – We like to begin any commercial exterior painting project by giving the walls and surfaces a thorough cleaning. With enough pressure to blast off dirt, pollen and pollutants, but not hard enough to damage the siding, we make sure no foreign matter will keep the paint from performing like it should.

Stucco Patch – Once the surfaces are clean, we carefully examine the siding for any deterioration. Often there is dryrot in wooden window frames or exterior trim. Cambridge Terrace didn’t have any problems in that regard, though there was some stucco patching needed. We can use elastomeric caulk to repair small cracks, but we do a full patching job on larger damaged spots.

Painting Condos in San Diego California

Metal Painting – Railings, gutters, downspouts… there’s no exterior metal surface that we can’t paint! Metal surfaces in the San Diego area can tend to deteriorate due to the salty breezes, but with a fresh coat of paint, the Cambridge Terrace Condos are protected for years to come!

Door Painting – Nothing impresses and welcomes your guests more than an attractive front door! For the members of the Cambridge Terrace HOA, we made sure their front doors look crisp, fresh and attractive with a new coat of premium paint.

Wooden Trim Painting – These San Diego condo units have lots of wooden trim details that make their appearance more intricate and engaging. This kind of elaborate architecture requires careful preparation to make sure there are clean lines and true colors on every detail. Sometimes the real magic of a fantastic paint job is as much in the tape and plastic as it is in the brushes and rollers! With careful protection and proper paint application, the wooden trim comes out looking fantastic!

Stucco Painting – A new coat of quality paint on the condo unit’s stucco surfaces means there will be lasting protection and fade-resistant color. We used our high-reach painting equipment to be able to safely paint many of the upper-story areas of this San Diego Condo unit.

San Diego Condo Painting Contractor

Pacific Western Painting has been painting condos, apartments, HOA’s, stores, hotels, restaurants, homes and more for many years, earning a reputation for excellence, reliability, safety and efficiency. If you are an HOA manager or a property manager, contact PacWest Painting to serve your San Diego commercial painting needs!

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