Although a beautiful and classic material, wood also has its drawbacks. Over time, wood can suffer from the natural effects of the elements, fungal growth, termites, and daily wear and tear. This deterioration compromises the structural integrity as well as the aesthetic value of wood. One of the most common service requests we get with older wood is dry rot repair.

Dry rot is a definite concern for your commercial building or multi-unit housing, for several reasons. First, it is unsightly, contributing to a shabby appearance. More concerning, however, is that once wood has begun to rot, the door is open for more moisture and insect entry, and the problem will only get worse.

What is Dry Rot?

Although you would never guess it by its name, dry rot is actually caused by water. When water gets into wood the moisture causes fungal growth. These fungi consume and digest the cellulose (the part of the wood witch give it strength), causing the wood to lose its original cohesiveness, durability, and smooth surface.

How to fix rotten wood

Now you may be wondering, “What can be done about dry-rotted wood?” There are really only two options for dealing with rotten wood.

  • Wood Repair – The first option is repair. If the wood damage is not too significant, it may be patched and fixed with a combination of wood, epoxy, & wood sealer. This is a lower cost option which can restore a smooth look and a degree of structural soundness to the affected wood.
  • Wood Replacement – The other option is simply replacing the damaged wood. This option, although it has a higher initial cost, will give long-lasting results and ensure complete structural integrity.

Will a wood repair job match surrounding materials?

If your HOA or commercial facility needs wood repair or replacement, Pacific Western will ensure that the job is done with a seamless finish. Our highly-trained professionals can match any stain or paint color to deliver a flawless, clean look to your commercial facility.

In order to keep your business looking sharp and structurally sound, consider our professional wood repair services. Pacific Western is a trusted commercial painting contractor in the San Diego area, and we would be glad to give you a FREE estimate and get started on your project right away.

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