High rise painting projects can be a headache. With so many factors to manage and weigh, it can be a daunting task to find a commercial painting contractor who is capable of handling the logistical nightmare of high work jobs. A good high rise commercial painting contractor must be able to produce excellent, lasting work while providing a safe working environment for all involved.

What does it take to do high rise commercial painting?

A commercial painting contractor who does high rise painting projects needs to have all of the following qualities:

Flexible – Must be Able to Handle Unique Jobs

Every high rise painting job brings its own unique challenges. The best commercial painters are able to adapt to any environment and architectural design, overcoming the particular challenges that each job brings.

Equipped – Must Have the Proper High Rise Equipment

Having the right equipment for the job is crucial for getting the job done right and safely. Unlike a standard, single level painting job, high work requires a unique set of equipment to allow for safe access to any part of a commercial facility, whether exterior (windows, balconies, etc.) or interior (lobbies, stairwells, ceilings, etc.).

Also, look for a company that also offers specialty coatings which will protect your painting job for years to come.

Experienced – Must be Well Trained and Experienced

Practice makes perfect. A good commercial painting contractor must not only be accredited but have years of experience and numerous referrals which vouch for the quality of their work. Only trust high-rise painting contractors with a history of excellent, safe work.


Safety Conscious – Must Make Safety a Priority

There is so much more to a painting job than simply getting it done fast. High rise painting should never be handled by careless workers. The best painting contractors will not only protect their own employees from danger but also the surrounding community (pedestrians, traffic, building tenants etc.).

High Rise Painting Project in Banker’s Hill, San Diego

Pacific Western Painting has numerous high rise painting projects under our belt already, including the Park West Condominiums in Banker’s Hill. This San Diego area project involved priming and then applying two coats of paint to the exterior of this tall, elegant dwelling.

If you have a high work painting project, take a look at our high rise painting services. Pacific Western is a third-generation painting contractor with a history of stellar work. We serve San Diego County, here in Southern California. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

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