In the modern world of technological innovation and development there is a widening array of products specially designed for commercial and industrial painting. One of these developments which has proved invaluable in the painting industry is Elastomeric Paint.

What are Elastomeric Coatings?

Elastomeric paint coatings are exterior acrylic latex masonry paints. They are distinct from other paints in a number of regards, including the following:

  • Higher Volume Solid – Elastomeric paints have much higher volume solids (45-60%) than conventional paints.
  • Thicker Film – Elastomeric coatings leave a dry film that is roughly 10 times thicker than that of regular paints (10-20 mils per coat vs. the standard 2-3 mils).
  • Tough – As a result of its thick build, elastomeric paint is significantly stronger than standard exterior paints and is able to withstand severe weather conditions.
  • Flexible – As their name implies, elastomeric paint coatings have the ability to stretch. This unique property gives them the ability to expand and bridge cracks which may develop in an exterior surface.

Uses of Elastomeric Paint Coatings

  • Water proofing – Due to the properties listed above, elastomeric paints are used to keep water out of exterior masonry surfaces such as stucco, brick, concrete block, concrete, ect.
  • Bridges hairline cracks – As mentioned above, the flexible quality of elastomeric paints allows them to stretch over cracks which occur in masonry products. This makes it especially popular as a coating over stucco.
  • Hides blemishes – Because of its thickness, elastomeric paint will hide blemishes better than regular paints.
  • Protects against wind-driven rain – The durable film provided by elastomeric coatings can withstand the stress of pelting rains in windy areas.


Elastomeric Painting in Bankers Hill, San Diego

As a professional painting contractor, Pacific Western offers outstanding commercial painting services and premium products, including elastomeric coatings. We had the pleasure of completing a commercial painting project for Park West Association in Banker Hill, San Diego.

This job required color consultation, design referral, high rise work, full priming, and two coats of premium breathable elastomeric coatings. Although the exterior of the building was stucco, we also pained the doors and exterior metals.


Should I Use an Elastomeric Coating?

If you are considering an elastomeric coating for your commercial facility, contact us for more information and a FREE estimate. Pacific Western is third generation commercial painting contractor servicing the San Diego area.

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