Whether it is fencing, balconies, railings, or stairwells, wrought iron is a popular material because of its durability, strength, creative potential and charm. However, as with other materials, wrought iron is susceptible to deterioration over time and will need occasional maintenance and repair.

Painting wrought iron is an important service offered by some commercial painting contractors, but it’s not as simple as just applying a new coat of paint. It takes specific products, techniques and knowledge to properly prepare the metal for painting.

As an experienced and well-trusted commercial painting contractor, Pacific Western is able to keep your business’ facility structurally sound, fully functional, and aesthetically appealing.

Metal Painting Services

A common problem with metal products is their susceptibility to rust and erosion. Rust is a common, chemically-induced corrosion which results from simultaneous exposure to oxygen and water. Similarly, galvanic corrosion may occur when two dissimilar metals come into contact.

Both rust and galvanic corrosion can be corrected and prevented with proper treatment and the application of paint. Through a combination of sanding, brushing, spraying, and rolling, our professionals can eliminate destructive and unattractive corrosion and restore a new look to the metal on your business’ property.

Welding and Wrought Iron Repair

Does your wrought iron need more than a painting job? Don’t worry – we are proud to offer services in metal repair and fully custom metal fabrication. Pacific Western offers a wide variety of welding services including repair of fences, ornamental iron, gates, railings, doors, and many more!

Metal Painting in La Jolla, San Diego

Our team had the pleasure of working with Eastbluff Condominiums located in La Jolla, San Diego.

This job required a variety of repairs and painting jobs. Being located in a coastal area, the metal on the property was more susceptible to corrosion.  Among the repairs and painting completed on this sight were metal handrails, garage doors, and exhaust vents.

Our team carefully prepared each metal surface and made the necessary repairs before painting. The result was not only visually stunning but also protected the metal for surfaces from future damage.

Looking for a Wrought Iron Welding or Painting Contractor?

If you have metal that needs painting or repairs, Pacific Western is able to handle the job. Contact us soon for a FREE estimate. We would be glad to serve you!

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