As an experienced commercial painting contractor, Pacific Western is well aware of the particular challenges of restaurant painting. From creating a pleasant service area to maintaining a clean and functional commercial kitchen, we can help you choose the right products that will serve the specific needs of your enterprise.

Painting On a Tight Schedule

A common concern for any business owner or facilities manager in finding the right commercial painting contractor is the ability to meet strict deadlines and work on a non-disruptive schedule. Pacific Western not only ensures that work is completed punctually, but also tailors to your schedule in order to minimize interference to business operations.

Painting with Low VOC Paints

Another consideration in restaurant painting is the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) in the paint. These organic compounds are chemicals that evaporate into the air as paint dries and are responsible for the distinct odor of many paints. Painting with low or zero VOC paints is a sure way to eliminate unwanted smells in a dining area and maintain safe, eco-friendly environment.

Restaurant Painting in San Diego Commercial Painting San Diego

Pacific Western has had the opportunity to paint a number of restaurants in San Diego. The Loma Square Shopping Mall in San Diego is home to a handful of restaurants and cafes.

Each of these restaurants required preparation of surfaces, thorough pressure washing, spot priming, stucco patching, and finally two coats of premium paint.

Looking for a Commercial Painting Contractor in San Diego?

If you have a commercial painting project in San Diego and are looking for the right painting company, look no further! Pacific Western is an experienced commercial painting contractor committed to delivering the highest standard of work in the industry. Contact us soon for a FREE estimate and we would be glad to get started on your project.


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